Thursday, February 2, 2012

LinkedIn. A Beginners How-to Guide

If you are unfamiliar with what LinkedIn is. I most often describe it as the networking/professional version of Facebook. It's where you can connect with people you have worked with, worked for or friends who are career drive. This is the place where you brand yourself, and make a more professional version of your Facebook profile.

LinkedIn is the place where you can make yourself look like a professional, and brand yourself while networking-which could help you land your next job.

Click Here to Check out the LinkedIn Step by Step Beginners Guide.

Here's a list of the first few things you should do on LinkedIn
1. Add a Photo

  • This should be a shoulders up shot, don't do a mug shot or something weird or distorted, and especially not a photo of you partying/drinking or anything else you wouldn't want an employer to see.
2. Upload your resume, and add previous work experience onto your profile

3. Join Groups
  • Choose groups based on your interests, the university you go to, the field that you want to be in etc.
  • Once you have done that, start posting on discussion boards and networking with individuals with similar interests
4. Start adding people that you know, or have previously worked for.
  • When the standard message comes up when adding people on LinkedIn, sometimes its good just to write a bit of a personal greeting to the individual you are adding. In some cases you may have not spoken to them in a while, or want to send them a personalized greeting.
Heatmap: Where People Look First on your LinkedIn Profile
linkedin heatmap
1. Profile Picture
2. Most recent "status update"
3. Current place of employment
4. Contact/Add section
5. Number of connections/recommendations

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