Saturday, March 10, 2012

Take Out Meals. Cheap

So either you are feeling really lazy, strapped for time, it's midterm/exam season or you aren't the greatest cook out there.

Fear not! Here's a way to find affordable and pretty tasty meals sorted by price.
An awesome tip..don't buy drinks when you buy food from fast food restaurants, bring your own water etc.
These prices are before taxes.

Under $5

-Signature Subs; Pizza, Ham, Veggie, Meatball, Cold Cut Combo
6" $3.50 (before tax)
12" $5 (before tax)
-Sub of the Day 6" $4 or 12" $6
Pizza Pizza
-Pepperoni/Cheese slice and Pop $2.99 with SPC Card
-Walk in Special, Medium Pepperoni/Cheese Pizza $4.99
Toppers Pizza
-Personal Pepperoni Pizza with Pop $3.99 with SPC Card

Under $10
Metro (4-9pm)
-Monday, Fresh 2 Go Salad $6.99
-Tuesday, Cooked Mammoth Chicken $6.99
-Wednesday, 16" X-Large Pepperoni Pizza $6.99
-Thursday, 15 Wings $6.99
-Friday, Sushi Boat Special (18 pieces) $6.99
Gino's Pizza
-check their walk in specials. Usually a M/L for $9.99


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