Thursday, May 3, 2012

Best Products to Buy in May

Given that around this time of year students have virtually little money, and the little money they have needs to be stretched far, I have decided to give you a little bit of a buyer's guide for May.

Here's a little bit of a breakdown of the best things to buy during the month of May. 

  1. Mattresses- According to lifehacker "new mattresses come out in the summer" so May is the time when old stock will be cleared out at discount prices. Many students will be moving into new rental housing coming September BUT you already have a lease set up for the whole summer. If you are thinking of buying a new mattress May is your month.
  2. Patio Furniture- May once again is the month to buy patio furniture. Keeping this relevant to student's needs, those who are possibly living away from home this summer in their university town may not have anything in the way of patio furniture. Make sure to check out garage sales as home owners are dumping their old furniture in order to upgrade to new furniture for the summer season. You might even get lucky and find someone just giving away their old furniture.
  3. Spring clothing- During the end of April and early May spring clothing is definitely on sale and most often deeply discounted in order to clear shelves for the incoming summer clothing. 
  4. Gym Memberships-These deals won't be advertised but you will have a bit of haggling room when it comes to gym memberships now since the weather is getting warmer outside. There still is a lot of benefit to going to an indoor gym in the summer and students who are moving back home are unable to use their University gym like they have during the school year. 
  5. Laptops-New Intel chip technology (Ivy Bridge) is going to be rolling out soon, so all systems using the old Sandy Bridge technology will be going on sale. Make sure to check around to find the best deals. 



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