Thursday, June 7, 2012

Saving Money on Fast Food: Buy and Don't Buy Edition

Just a post to keep you thinking about eating out vs. making your own food. Often it's a lot cheaper to purchase your own food, make it and eat it. There are a lot of options including oatmeal and making your own bagel and cream cheese that are super affordable.

Buy: 6 pack of bagels, cream cheese & a folgers coffee
Plain Bagels $1.50
Cream Cheese $3.50
Coffee $4-6
Total about $9 = 6 Breakfasts (at least)

Don't Buy: Tim Horton's Bagel and Coffee
Bagel with Cream Cheese $2.00 Medium Coffee $1.30
Total about $3.30 = 1 Breakfast
Other Options: Making your own muffins, tea etc.

Buy: Yogurt, Milk, Frozen Fruit
Frozen Fruit $5
Yogurt= $3 (1 tub)
Milk=$4 (4 litres)
Total about $12 at least 4-5 smoothies

Don't Buy: Booster Juice Smoothie
1 Smoothie at least $6

Buy: 1kg of Oatmeal, Frozen Fruit, Cinnamon
Oatmeal- $3 for 1 kg bag
Frozen Fruit=$5
Cinnamon= $3-4 (last you forever)
Total=$12 At least 10-12 servings of oatmeal (works out to about $1 a serving)

Don't Buy: Oatmeal from a Fast Food Restaurant
Total=$2-3 per serving

Grocery pricing based on No Frills Price Comparisons


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