Saturday, November 10, 2012

Post Bar Foods You Can Make Yourself

I started to realize this year especially that more than 50% of the money I take with me downtown ends up going towards post bar food. This covers everything from poutine to pita pit. I'm not recommending not eating after a night out, because it definitely helps. Instead I'm of course going to talking about a way to lower these costs so you can buy more alcohol or save some cash for your next night out.

So here are a few options for a nice post bar snack that can save you some money and ease the morning hangover.

Grilled Cheese
A serious classic, with a nice mix of carbs and grease and it's easy to make. The less intricate the cooking the better is what always works the best. Go with a basic cheese and bread or add meat, tomatoes, veggies or whatever else works for you.

Now these can be made with tortilla chips or crackers if you have them (triscuits often work well too). You can either grate cheese or just cut it up. Throw on some salsa and put it in the microwave for a minute or so.

Mac and cheese
Always a classic option post bar. It's hard to mess up, just try to avoid burning yourself. If your scared just buy kd cups instead, just add water and nuke them throw in the cheese mix.

Mini pizzas
You can make these with any sort of bread but the best options are with English muffins or pitas. Either grate or slice cheese, and use pasta sauce or pizza sauce, whatever you have on hand. Either microwave or put it in the oven to cook. You can add toppings including cold cuts, pepperoni or vegetables. Whatever you have lying around works.

Pasta with Red Sauce or Pesto
Boil up some pasta and then once your done just dump in pesto or red sauce from the fridge and stir, easy and tasty.

I hope these help you save some cash and ease those morning hangovers.

For those who like to plan ahead. You can always save some leftovers from dinner or make something awesome to heat up late at night.

What do you eat after the bar?


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