Here is a resource filled with free/paid courses that you can take to sharpen your skills. Summer is always a great time to do this, since you don't have to worry about exams etc. Courses include photoshop, language courses, programming and many others.

Free Courses


Courses on html, javascript, programming (python) etc.
All are free with quizzes, "lectures" and exams
What's great about Udacity?
-lectures aren't long, they range from less than a minute to about 5 depending on the course
-it's free, and run by University professors

Lifehacker Night School
Courses available
Know Your Network
How to Build a Computer from Scratch
The Basics of Photography
How to Make a Website
Basics of Video Editing
Digital Painting the Complete Guide
Getting Started with Linux
Learn the Basics of Photoshop
Learn to Code
What's great about Lifehacker?
-"lectures" are video's with voice over and excellent instructions
-it's free and video's are around 20-30 minutes long each

This is a website where you help translate the web while learning languages.
Currently Duolingo offers Spanish, and German
Coming Soon- French, Italian and Chinese (which I assume they mean Mandarin)
Luis von Ahn discussed this program along with his development of reCaptcha in his TedEx talk
What's great about Duolingo?
-While learning you help to translate sites like the Spanish Wikipedia site which helps to provide greater resources to those who speak non-English languages
-By providing your services you get to learn how to speak and write a language as well

Learn languages online for free while helping out other's doing the same
Can learn a variety of languages including Spanish, Russian, French, Italian, Arabic, Chinese etc.
What's great about Busuu?
-You learn from native speakers while interacting with them on Busuu
-It's for free, and there are a wealth of resources online for you

Academic Earth
Check out a variety of lectures organized by subject, university, instructor etc.

Check out this website for a variety of courses from various universities.Courses include anything from Cryptography to Modern & Contemporary American Poetry.
What's great about coursera?
-Learn from professors at well known universities including Univeristy of Toronto, Standford, Princeton etc.
-A choice between a variety of courses beyond programming and language learning.

Free/Paid Courses

Courses cover a wide variety of topics from 3D+Animation to how to use eBay

Unfortunately full courses aren't available for free on Lynda, with some video's available for free
You can get a free trail for 7 days, and memberships start at $25/month or $250/year which in fact is a lot cheaper than University courses.


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