Friday, February 1, 2013

Not So Extreme Couponing

We all know a few years ago how much couponing in the United States blew up. And if you didn't congrats I'm kind of jealous you didn't have to hear about it. There were women out there who managed to pay about $6 for a $200 grocery bill or something ridiculous like that...only in the US.

Now for the less crazy people out there who don't want to be carrying around a folder full of coupons or basically fill their basement like a personal grocery store...there are less drastic savings options.

What I'm here to tell you is that you can't find a few coupons here and there and save a few bucks. We don't  need to develop our own store room of food, but by following a few tips and checking out the following websites you can save some money...without being crazy.
  • First off check out my coupon page which has some of the better websites out there for coupons that can be printed or directly mailed to you.
    • These are some of the best websites out there in terms of coupons
  • Also check out a previous post I put together on how Facebook can save you money.
    • Make sure to like these pages on Facebook. Basically you will get a variety of contests, offers as well as coupons for sometimes free product right to your newsfeed.
  • Keep coupons in your wallet-the amount of times I've forgotten coupons is annoying and then I end up not saving as much
  • Double up coupons on top of sale prices, it helps you save even more
  • If you are printing coupons make sure your grocery store accepts printable one's. Some store's are coming around to the idea of printable coupons (fraud was one of the main concerns previously).
Also here's a little gift from me..for all those ice cream lovers.
All you have to do is click on the link above and write in the comment area that you would like to request the $5 coupon from Chapman's and then they mail it to you. Simple as that.
Oh and then double up the coupon with sale prices and you've got yourself a pretty sweet deal. 


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