Monday, February 4, 2013

Sports Tickets: Cheap

Don't get the wrong idea with this post. I'm not going to be able to find you $15 dollar tickets to Leafs games. No matter how many years in a row they miss the playoffs I'm pretty sure prices wont ever drop that low. BUT there are some great sports events that you can check out on a  Friday or weekend that won't break your budget.

Travelzoo is one of the better websites out there that has some great daily deals/newsletter with their top 20 deals of the week. This week they have a discount on for 3 Toronto Raptors games, the Sunday game tickets are priced as lows $15 each.

Check out this weeks Top 20 here. (There are a lot of hotels/vacations mixed in here)

Ticketmaster Ticket Deals Section
Ticketmaster is your one stop shop for concerts, sporting events and everything else in between. They also happen to have a deals section on their website with below $40 tickets, 2 for 1 ticket deals, tickets under $25 etc.

Check out the website here. Also hockey tickets under $40 here

Daily Deal Sites
Yes I know, it may feel as though I constantly suggest daily deal sites, but there is a reason. Sometimes I agree there is a bunch of crap on these sites, but if you check back enough you can often find some great deals for local sports teams and even your occasional pro sports tickets.

Living Social
Team Buy

Check out Local Sports
More than likely if you live close to your university campus you can catch one of the varsity games during the week or on the weekend for relatively little money.
Full schedules for all sports can be found on the CIS website or your individual provinces websites.

Canada West

There are also some great options when it comes to semi-pro/major junior sports teams. In terms of hockey there are a variety of major junior leagues including the OHL-with teams in usually smaller cities (which often works out well for those that go to university in smaller towns/cities).

CHL-Check out individual provinces/regions websites for team/ticket info



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