Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Student Travel: Keeping Reading Week Inexpensive

Whether you are going away to an all-inclusive down south or travelling somewhere else it's extremely important to limit your spending while you are away. It can be especially tempting to purchase a ton of stuff before prepping for your trip, or blow a huge chunk of cash while you are away. Trips are one of those purchases that lead to the need to buy more. You never just pay for a hotel and flight, there are a tons of purchases made before you go away from tanning to a new suitcase or (I really hope not) a brand new iPad so you can watch movies on the flight..

Here are a few tips for keeping costs low (since you already have paid for a flight/hotel or all-inclusive vacation).

Go to Walmart for your pharmacy type products.

  • I know I did suggest the place that everyone loves to hate, but its often a lot cheaper than Shoppers Drug Mart when your looking for sunscreen (and aloe) and all that other fun stuff.
  • You can buy a variety of products for around a $1 or $2. There are airplane neck pillows to a variety of snacks you can bring on the plane.
  • Also you can grab travel size shampoos/conditioners/moisturizer etc. for cheap
Check Canadian Tire for Bubba's
  • Yup these are awesome, and I did already post a link the other day on the Facebook page. I'm going to be taking one away with me when I head south and it's relatively inexpensive while keeping your drinks nice and cold.
Take a set amount of money away with you and avoid using your credit cards unless its an emergency

There are also a few things that I hate forgetting;

  • Sunglasses
  • Loading up my iPhone with music/movies and other in flight entertainment
  • Books
  • Deck of cards and other stuff needed for drinking games 
Also just so you don't for get anything, check out Sunwings Trip Checklist (yeah I know it's kind of dated, who brings a camera anymore...)


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  1. It is definitely good to be prepared before traveling. I recently went to Vegas and needed chapstick. Cost me $4!