Monday, February 11, 2013

Reduce Your Student Loans: 30% off Tuition in Ontario

At the beginning of the school year (or the beginning of the semester) there are a variety of very important things that you need to get done, and forms that need to be filled out all in order for you to de-stress before the real stress comes. 

One of the most important things that residents of Ontario should apply for is the 30% of tuition rebate which students don't have to repay. It's approximately $1,680 for university students and $770 for college students both of which are allotted for a full 8-month school year. 

For everything you need to know about the 30% of tuition offer for residents of Ontario, click here.

The Ontario government currently has an ad campaign out trying to promote the 30% tuition program. 

I honestly think that instead of doing these commercials they should just provide more financial aid to students, but that's not a discussion for this blog...

Am I Eligible?

Check out this eligibility quiz here to see if you are able to get this government funded amount. If your parents make a huge lump sum of money in terms of combined taxable income it is highly unlikely you will be able to take advantage of this. 

Final Thoughts

This is money that you can use, while reducing your reliance on loans/lines of credit for a part of your tuition/fees/housing. Take advantage of programs like this that your provincial government offers so you can reduce your post grad debt. 



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